Revive: for people who like Jesus but aren’t too sure about church

Revive is a Christian community based in inner-city Leeds, where – among other things – they make music and help to run an arts centre. New Roots caught up with them at Greenbelt in 2016 where they were performing.

Our partner, Inclusive Church, is working with them in the autumn of 20167 to explore issues around inclusion.

Revive describe themselves ‘for people who like Jesus but aren’t too sure about church’. Many of us in the New Roots community are in that place – wanting to explore more about who Jesus is and how to be a follower in the 21st Century. Revive may not be a church that is close enough to drop in on – but worth taking a look at what they do. It may encourage you that there are Christians who can find a way of making church seem relevant. There may be things from Revive that you might want to apply in your context.

Still figuring out what being a disciple might mean. Anglican priest and cyclist. One of the founders and editors of New Roots - partly as a way of hanging on in there!

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