Hope for the Future’s Big Move


Laura, Jo and Sarah in the new office

Monday 24th May marked an exciting day for Hope for the Future. It was the day we moved into our new office! We have spent the past two weeks gathering furniture and equipment, and settling into the new space. The office is located in the vibrant church of Victoria Methodist in the centre of Sheffield, where classes, groups and meetings contribute to the constant buzz of the building.

Victoria Methodist is also home to the Steeple Corner Café, which belongs to the Real Junk Food Project (RJFP). The RJFP is a national initiative that began in Leeds, noticing the amount of food that is wasted everyday by supermarkets not being able to sell food past its sell-by date, even food that is still perfectly edible. It has been fantastic sitting down to eat lunch at the pay as you feel café, seeing the beautiful creations that the manager, Josie, and her team of volunteers manage to dream up and create every morning.

Amazing food that would have been in the bin if it weren't for the Real Junk Food Project

Amazing food that would have been in the bin if it weren’t for the Real Junk Food Project

Since June 2015 we’ve fed over 25,000 people and saved 100s of tons of food from going to waste. In 2018 we expect to save 500 tons.

— The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield

Find your nearest café here: http://therealjunkfoodproject.org/

We are so grateful for everyone who donated office equipment, time or money to help us with the big move. If you would like to make a donation to help with the work of Hope for the Future, please see our donation page or get in touch

We respect your privacy and will never share your details with any third parties.

Thank you!

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The Hope for the Future campaign started at a meeting of the Environmental Officers of the dioceses of Yorkshire and the North East in late summer 2013. We are a small dedicated team based across Yorkshire, but work on a national level.

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