Nomad 134: Shane Claiborne – A Faith Not Worth Fighting For


Shane Claiborne has been an inspiration to many ever since his book The Irresistible Revolution came out, with its ‘What if Jesus really meant what he said’ message. For the last 20 years Shane has been trying to live out Jesus’s message in a deprived area of Philadelphia, where he founded the new monastic community, The Simple Way. This journey has led him to a commitment to non-violence, ‘from womb to tomb’, which has been tested on many occasions. So tune in for a challenging and counter-cultural conversation.

If you want to dig deeper into the issues Shane raised in this interview (particularly in relation to the death penalty), then check out his book Executing Grace. And for a more general look at the idea of a commitment to non-violence, check out A Faith Not Worth Fighting For, a book that Shane contributed to.

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