New Roots – a year on (sort of!)

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    It’s a year – pretty much – since we played around and ‘launched’ New Roots at Greenbelt in 2016.

    Why Greenbelt? It’s a natural home for those of us involved – and New Roots is partly about trying to create an on-line continuing Greenbelt experience!

    So a year on – what’s been achieved?
    Well – we are still here, which (believe me!) is an achievement! The site has content, we have a social media presence on Facebook & Twitter.  We know there is interest in New Roots – which is really encouraging. We have met with people, done some reading about on-line church and on-line mission.

    Currently New Roots is being run by 2 people in a bit of spare time in between the day job and having a beer.

    New Roots could do more – but could do with a hand. If you have spare time and want to get involved – here are some suggestions about what you might do:

    Editing material
    Getting contributors to write (and chasing them a bit!)
    Responding to comments within the site
    Helping with Facebook and Twitter

    Even if you only have a little bit of time – it would help! If you have  spare shed load of money we could us that too!

    So if any of this interests you – get in touch!

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