Elaine Storkey & Rowan Williams – Advent 01: Liberation


If you’re one of our Patreon supporters, then you’ll already be familiar with our Nomad Devotionals. Every month we ask a guest to reflect on a topic, and then we unpack it with music, song, readings, and prayers.

For Advent we thought we produce a four-part Devotional and make it available to everyone. So for the next four Sundays you can expect a reflection from philosopher and theologian Elaine Storkey, and the former archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams will be contributing the readings, along with Kate Blower who will be reading the magnificat in the first Devotional. And of course Nomad’s David Benjamin Blower will be bringing the music and songs. What more could you ask for this Christmas?!

This first devotional reflects on the idea of liberation.

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