Learning to be God’s people

LentI am not a great fan of Lent if I am honest. Well not in terms of giving things up and all that. I have a friend who religiously give things up each Lent. This year it’s chips, crisps and potatoes in general. She wouldn’t call herself religious at all – but she will see her Lenten discipline through.

I suppose I am more about using it as a time to stop, re-evaluate and reconnect.

Stop being busy – and find some time for God.
Stop doing stuff that may be harmful – those habits and addictions that we all have.
Stop being so worried about what I am supposed to do and not do!

Re-evaluate – my priorities.
Re-evaluate – my sense of direction and purpose in life.
Re-evaluate –  my sense of calling. What does God want of me?

Re-connect with myself.
Re-connect with God.
Re-connect with friends.

There is some great language in part of the Lent worship material from the Church of England.

“in these forty days
you lead us into the desert of repentance
that through a pilgrimage of prayer and discipline
we may grow in grace
and learn to be your people once again.
Through fasting, prayer and acts of service
you bring us back to your generous heart.
Through study of your holy word
you open our eyes to your presence in the world
and free our hands to welcome others
into the radiant splendour of your love.”

From Common Worship Times and Seasons
copyright © The Archbishops’ Council of the Church or England

It’s that idea of ‘learning to be God’s people once again’ that speaks powerfully to me. It’s about being prepared to go back to basics, ask some questions, allow the Holy Spirit to search my heart and figure out who Jesus is for me.

With thanks to Bustedhalo for the video.

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