HeartEdge – an encouragement and place of hope

There are some really good things going on in and around church life at the moment (it’s not all doom and gloom!) – and HeartEdge is one of them.

HeartEdge is a growing ecumenical network of churches and other organisations. heartedge logoAt heart we support mission focused on four key areas:

Commerce: Generating finance via enterprise
Culture: Art, music and performance re-imagining the Christian narrative for the present moment
Congregation: Liturgy, worship and day-to-day communal life
Compassion: Addressing social need via our congregations

HeartEdge is shaped by our experience at the margins, on the edge.

Each month there is a really good newsletter which is one of the very few I bother reading. It is well worth taking a look – it is always has articles and news that encourages and gives hope that the church is an ok place to be around.

The Easter newsletter has:
• Portrait from Prison, plus Adam Curtis on fear of change. And face paints!
• Purple Shoots in the West Country plus a social enterprise ‘how to’ guide
• Big Lunches, Dave Andrews on compassionate community work and ‘Down to Earth’
• Plus John Swinton, Maggie Dawn, Inderjit Bhogal and Jess Foster!

Find the Easter mailer here

New Roots is exploring a working friendship with Heart Edge. Next month we are asking HeartEdge members if any would fancy coming on board with New Roots. We are looking for people who might be interested to get involved as contributors and co-editors both within the main website as well as through our social media. If this is something that  is of interest to you – then get in touch direct with me at [email protected]

Still figuring out what being a disciple might mean. Anglican priest and cyclist. One of the founders and editors of New Roots - partly as a way of hanging on in there!

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