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New Roots features an Artist in Residence each month.
In October 2018 our Artist in Residence is Markos Kampanis.

Image 2:
The Visitation (meeting of Virgin Mary and Saint Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist) and The Journey to Bethlehem (the journey of Virgin Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem). It is part of the mural decoration of the church in the convent of Virgin Mary in the area of Evros in northern Greece. The convent is a dependency of Iveron Monastery of Mount Athos. The murals are painted with casein and egg tempera paints.

Mark Kampanis Image 2

Markos was born in Athens in 1955. He studied painting in London where he lived until 1980. He is mainly a painter but has also worked with printmaking, book illustration, church murals and icons, while in the past he has tried his hand in stage design. He has done many one man exhibitions and participated in numerous group shows in Greece and abroad. In 1984 he participated in the 15th Biennale of Alexandria.

His work may be described as realistic, however with many technical and stylistic variations. His great, almost fetishistic, interest in materials and techniques, works alongside his academic interest for the history of art that led him to editing books and curating exhibitions.
An artist, painter and printmaker, but also a keen mural artist. Markos has done various murals for monasteries on Mount Athos in Greece and the Monastery of St. Katherine on Mt. Sinai, as well as for private chapels. He has also worked on numerous religious book illustrations.

More information about Markos can be found here
We are grateful to Markos Kampanis for being Artist in Residence this month.

We are grateful for the support of HeartEdge and Commission4Mission in our Artist in Residence programme.

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