Changing the landscape

If you take a look at almost any community – you will see signs of new building works. It may be an extension to a house, or a whole new housing development. Or perhaps a new commercial or business development is being built. Whether small or large these developments change the landscape for all of us. They change the landscape for us as we walk or drive by – for the observer the landscape looks different. And from within the development looking out, there may be new vistas.

The start of a new year is perhaps a good time to stop and reflect on the view from where we are, and what people see when they walk by. What does life look like for you as you look at the world? When you look out at the world – how do you feel about yourself and the direction that your life is going? Happy, contented, at ease with yourself? Or unsettled with life in general or some aspects of it? And what do people see when they walk by? What sort of person do they encounter when they meet you?

The new year provides an opportunity to reflect and consider what might change in 2019. Maybe not as drastic as a compete rebuild – but modifying our behaviour, attitudes, addictions, habits and lifestyle may go some way to remodel our lives. To see our lives from a different perspective – to begin to change the landscape.

Jesus it seems took people at face value, and had a knack of getting people to see themselves in a new way. An encounter with Jesus changed the landscape of people’s lives. Jesus affirmed people – especially those who experienced life at the margins. Jesus opened up new horizons for them, so that their life was never the same again.

Of course having a landscape that remains the same can be comforting. Building a new landscape can be messy and never goes according to plan. But the view can be great. So take some time to reflect on what the view looks like for yourself. Happy new year!


Still figuring out what being a disciple might mean. Anglican priest and cyclist. One of the founders and editors of New Roots - partly as a way of hanging on in there!

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