Inclusive from the start

It was at Greenbelt in 2018 that I first heard Martyn Joseph sing ‘Here come the Young’. It was a new song, and played as part of ‘The Rising’, profiling a variety of performers and some new music.
What struck me from this song is the phrase ‘inclusive from the start’. Those who have been brought up in the past 20 years or so are much more likely to be open and inclusive in their approach to life. They have come though an educational system that places inclusion as a key attribute. Schools are places of inclusion and work hard to encourage students to embrace inclusion. Being inclusive is non-negotiable. Being inclusive is a given. That is the world that our young people inhabit. Martyn Joseph’s line in this song celebrates this.
By celebrating the fact that the young are naturally inclusive, the song implies that previous generations are less so. Those who hold power within many of our institutions (including the church) have been reluctant to embrace inclusion. In the church too often it is seen as a ‘dirty’ word. For many it is a word that implies ‘anything goes’. It may be that we should send those who think like that back to school to learn a thing or two from the young. They have much to teach all of us.
Thanks to HeartEdge for their feature in the October 2019 mailer bringing this video to our attention.
Take a moment (well 4 minutes) to reflect on what the young have to teach you!

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