Man on the moon

So there I was having my hair cut. ‘Just the usual thank you’. Conversations are usually bland at my barbers. “Finished work for today?”, “what did you think about the rugby/football/cricket?” Then on the radio came REM’s Man on the Moon.
This led to someone beginning to talk about the moon they had been to see in Gloucester Cathedral.

Museum of the Moon takes up residence at Gloucester Cathedral

moon at gloucester cathedral

In the year that marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Luke Jerram’s internally lit replica of the moon floats in the Nave at Gloucester Cathedral in the autumn of 2019. This is part of the Museum of the Moon project.

So – back to the barber’s. I had just been to see the installation. It is stunning. The moon is in an empty nave, the pillars lit with blue lights. There suspended is this gigantic replica of the moon.

I visited on Halloween, it was half-term. The cathedral was packed with families who had all come to see the moon. Lots of the children were dressed for Halloween parties – quite surreal to have ghouls, ghosts and monsters let loose in the cathedral – but all of them quite captivated by the moon!
It struck me that many of those looking heavenward at this moon – would normally not step inside a cathedral. It struck me also as I shared my Facebook pictures of my visit to the moon – I wouldn’t normally get the chance to share my cathedral experience in the barbers. But this installation managed to draw people and make then wonder.
If you get a chance – go visit.
The Museum of the Moon has listings of where the installation is going.
In 2020 amongst other places it will be at Rochester Cathedral 12th Feb – 5th March.

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