Growing to be like Jesus

New Roots has a series of study material based around the theme of ‘Growing to be like Jesus’ looking at passages from John’s Gospel to help us reflect on who Jesus is.

This follows on from our previous series Knowing God the Father, and will be followed in the summer with ‘Living in the Holy Spirit.’

The Lent 2020 series will cover the following material

  • Glory and Spirit: John 7
  • Nicodemus: John 3
  • The Samaritan woman: John 4
  • Bread of life: John 6
  • The shepherd: John 10
  • Truth and Freedom: John 8

The material includes images, video, biblical material, music and prayers.
The first of these will be available in time for the beginning of Lent 2020

Still figuring out what being a disciple might mean. Anglican priest and cyclist. One of the founders and editors of New Roots - partly as a way of hanging on in there!

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