Wild at home

The natural home for New Roots is Greenbelt. It’s where New Roots was born, arising out of an awareness that for many people, Greenbelt is their only ‘church’ experience for the year. This might be for a whole load of different reasons – geographical isolation, a sense of exclusion on the basis of mental or physical health, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, poverty – a whole load of things keep people away from church. The main question that New Roots has been exploring is how to keep going as disciples in between Greenbelt.

This year Greenbelt will not be taking place. Another victim of the pandemic. A positive result is a decision by Greenbelt to have a strong on-line presence to support people for whom Greenbelt is home.

The theme of Greenbelt 2020 would have been ‘Wild at Heart’ – instead we have ‘Wild at Home’. There are daily features – a mix of past resources as well as new material being collated especially for Greenbelt 2020. As well as this – 15 years worth of archive material from Greenbelt is available – for free. Over 1,000 or more recorded sessions on subjects ranging from climate change to sit-coms and social enterprise to civil disobedience are available to listen online, download and share.

With such a body of material available – in a sense means that New Roots is redundant! We are happy with that and are wondering whether we should shut up shop – and just dig in to the Greenbelt world. We’d love to know what you reckon – should we stay or simply log off? Message us here or on our Facebook page or Twitter

Still figuring out what being a disciple might mean. Anglican priest and cyclist. One of the founders and editors of New Roots - partly as a way of hanging on in there!

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